2018 Kilimanjaro Marathon

A message from the living legend Andy Sharpe.

I successfully completed the 2018 Kilimanjaro marathon last Sunday and it was the toughest but most incredible marathon I have run to date. From local kids running alongside me and Chloe, to literally having to avoid being run over for 26.2 miles route, it had everything. We were also two of only sixteen British runners last Sunday which is very special.

As most of you are aware, I dedicate most of my life away from work to fundraising. After raising over £30,000 over 6 years for the UK Children’s Cancer Charity Clic Sargent, I have now switched my fundraising to supporting Tanyel’s Smile. Since losing Tanyel to Cancer over two years ago, her parents have raised over £20,000 for Clic Sargent who provided amazing support to Tanyel and her parents during her three-year cancer battle.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Tanyel but it’s such a honour to help keep her memory alive and fulfil Tanyel’s final wish of helping children in Northern Cyprus, who don’t have the same support network that most kids in the UK recieve.

I’ve set my first fundraising milestone at £20,000 for the Charity, so any donations towards the 2018 Kilimanjaro marathon would be amazing, thank you ❤

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