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Stem Cells
Feeling excited…..
Yesterday we had a fantastic day meeting up with the lovely Lisa and her colleague at (see below) to talk about how they’d be happy to help us register the kids we work with in Northern Cyprus. We will also support them as much as we can. So what better way to start.
Jay & myself are now both registered to be a potential blood stem cell donor.
Best wishes
DKMS is an international nonprofit organization, founded 27 years ago in Germany by Dr. Peter Harf when he lost his wife Mechtild to leukemia. Peter promised her that he would help every blood cancer patient find a matching donor. At that time, there were only 3,000 potential stem cell donors available to provide a transplant in Germany and within one year of founding DKMS, the number of stem cell donors increased to 68,000. Today, DKMS has offices in Germany, the United States (opened 2004), Poland (2009), and the UK (2013) and has registered over 8 million potential donors worldwide.
Cey and Gulay meeting DKMSD