Barbecue Balloons

Birthday Barbeque

We held a fundraising event for Tanyel’s Smile, celebrating our gorgeous Tanyel’s 23rd birthday.  
Thank you to everyone and their generous donations. From our event on 15th July 2018 we collected £1,200 and £270 from Tanyel’s inspiring mother Gulay Uzun who dyed her hair pink for angel Tanyel’s birthday 20th of July.  We also collected around £500 including  raffles entry on doors .
We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to all events and for supporting us through our journey.  About 100 people attended the barbecue.
Lots of massive thank yous to:
  • Chubby chicken our caterers for the day who worked extremely hard with delicious food .
  • Our lovely Julie from  the pavilion at Eltam for her beautiful flower donation. 
  • Huge thanks to Rixos Delicio and cafe Dee.
  • Thanks ALSO to Two Happy Chef fish & chips for their support .
  • Massive thanks for our lovely Christina for her amazing time giving massages to our friends and family on the day . 
  • Massive thanks to everyone what a day to celebrate for Tan

So many generous people.  Thank you to all.