Christmas with children and their families

On 17th December we had the pleasure of meeting with the children and their families, who have the misfortune of living with cancer in Northern Cyprus. It was a pleasure to join them for the festival celebrations, together with Kemal Saracoglu who organized this event. 

A massive thank you to Hidden Gardens for the fabulous afternoon, and the delicious meal for the families and children that were able to join us . 

It was an amazing day for us all and a great pleasure to spend with these parents and share their journeys, and also having the chance to meet all the new children. 

As always we wanted to give our children something special to spend this festive season.

We presented the 17 children who were able to attend, vouchers from Lcwkiki for new outfits and Erülku supermarket for their families. And the other 33 vouchers were sent to the oncology unit where our children can pick them up when they are able to.

We are so thankful that you all continue to support with your donations and fundraising. It is only with your help that we can bring smiles to these 50 children and young adults.

Tanyel loved Christmas and we love keeping her beautiful smile shining bright .