A beautiful tribute to Tanyel

A little background as to how this song was created.

A dear friend of Tanyel’s mother, for over 35 years, was living in Cyprus at the time of Tanyel’s funeral. She went to visit my parents who live opposite Aspava restaurant, a place where Tanyel loved spending her summer holidays every year. 

Katriye let off some balloons at the restaurant in memory of my beautiful Tanyel, and at the time, Huseyin, the songwriter of the band Kibris Yolcuları, was there writing a song. He got emotional as he knew Tan from a very young age, and this is where this all started from. With the help and support of Caner, owner of Aspava restaurant, who absolutely adored Tan, this video was created. 

There are so many special people to thank, who continue to keep Tanyel’s name alive and remember the little girl that never got a chance to live past the age of 20. Tanyel was bilingual so she loved listening to Turkish songs.Somewhere beyond this world she must be extremely proud to know how special she will always be.                                           

There are not enough words on how thankful we are to all the people involved in the making of this, and our supporters that keep Tanyel close to their heart. 

A massive thank you everyone  🙏 Aspava Restaurant Yedidalga